Kablo Vrchlabí

Manufacturer of cables for the automotive industry

Kablo Vrchlabí is a traditional manufacturer of cables for the automotive industry, flexible cables and special cables according to the customer's requirements. Cables for automotive industry are available in different temperature classes (up to 260 °C) with different types of insulation and jacket material.

We produce harmonized types (HARs) of flexible conductors and cables. We also offer a large number of cables manufactured according to customer specifications. The range of special cables includes control cables, ignition wires, and cables according to US (UL) standards.

Profile and basic information

Our philosophy is based on the principles of delivering creative, technically advanced and sustainable products, services and solutions to our customers.

Our production facilities are among the most advanced, most flexible and cost-effective in the industry, and we also invest maintain the highest possible technical standards.

Our main focus is to stay at the top of the industry and to come up with new products and solutions that will improve our services and strengthen the healthy environment.

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Main milestones of Vrchlabí cable factory

  • 2017

    Kablo Vrchlabí s.r.o.

    Acquisition by german group WILMS and change of the name to Kablo Vrchlabí s.r.o.

  • 2016

    nkt cables automotive s.r.o.

    De-merger of Vrchlabí plant into independent company nkt cables automotive s.r.o.

  • 2013

    Merger with other Czech NKT

    Merger with other Czech NKT plants into nkt cables s.r.o.

  • 2007

    The acquisition of the company

    The acquisition of the company by the Danish NKT Group, the company performs under the name “NKT Cables”

  • 1994

    the trade name KABLO ELEKTRO a.s.

    The general meeting approved the trade name KABLO ELEKTRO a.s.

  • 1992

    company KABLO Vrchlabí

    Joint-stock company KABLO Vrchlabí was founded

  • 1950

    Creation of Kablo Vrchlabí company

    Creation of Kablo Vrchlabí company

  • 1939

    Kabelwerke Ostböhmen, Hohenelbe

    Factory acquired by German owners Preis-zahm and Max Rener and the name is changed to Kabelwerke Ostböhmen, Hohenelbe

  • 1923

    Foundation of cable factory

    Foundation of cable factory by Ing. Arnold Löwit

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